Kolkata - Day 3

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Kolkata - Day 3

Post by david63 » 24 Oct 2014, 17:53

Today started the same as any other day – almost. Yes it started at midnight but it does not normally start with a phone call from reception asking me to open the door. Somewhat perplexed, and half asleep due to an early morning start, I went to open the door only to find a waiter with a birthday cake for me. A very nice touch but just so impractical due to us moving on today and there was just no way that we could do anything with it (and it was a chocolate cake)

Anyway having got back to sleep the day then recommenced at a more sensible time. This morning before setting off to Varanasi we had a “walking tour” of Kolkata and I have to say that this must have been one of the best tours that we have ever done anywhere. The guy that was taking us round really knew his stuff and was enthusiastic about it and was interesting.

We started off at the old Eastern Hotel and progressed around the old British area taking in the site of the Black Hole of Calcutta – which is no longer there. But for me the really special bit was when he came to a building that was used by the British Army during WWII as a place for R&R. That in itself was not so special until I realised that that is the place that my father would have stayed at when he was in Calcutta during the war.

Once that was complete it was back to the hotel to finish packing and then off to the airport for the internal flight to Varanasi. Internal flights in India seem to be relatively straightforward – even though we had to pay for excess baggage.

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