Varanasi - Day 2

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Varanasi - Day 2

Post by david63 » 27 Oct 2014, 03:23

The main task today was our excursion to Sarnath which is the place where, according to history and/or myth that Buddha preached his first sermon under a banyan tree. The excursion comprised of three parts – the first being a visit to the Tibetan temple where there were frescos around the walls depicting the life, and death, of Buddha. This was followed by a visit to the archaeological site which was the site of a stupa where it is believed that Buddha actually preached his first sermon. The final part was a visit to the archaeological museum.

The interesting thing about India is that it is a multi-cultural country where one religion can, and does, live side by side with another.

All that was left after this excursion was to finish our packing and wait for the car to take us to the airport for our trip to Delhi.

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