Delhi - Day 1

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Delhi - Day 1

Post by david63 » 27 Oct 2014, 03:24

What should have been a very simple process of arriving in Delhi turned out to be something bordering on traumatic.

As part of our tour we are supposed to be met at each destination by a local agent from the tour company and have a car to take us to the hotel. This has not been a problem – until now. Now bearing in mind that the tour company are based in Delhi one would not be anticipating any problems here – how wrong could we be.

After waiting for 45 minutes from the time that the plane had landed we had still not seen any sign of the tour company representative so, somewhat reluctantly, we decided to get a taxi to the hotel. Now the first problem was that even after showing them the details of the hotel the driver was not sure which hotel he was taking us to as there are two Oberoi hotels in Delhi.

Now we have been in India for a few days and have become used to the driving – that was until we took a taxi ride in a Delhi taxi, not only did the driver not [apparently] speak any English so neither of us could understand one another but you just knew that things were not going to go well when one of the car doors would nor close properly, the rear windows did not close (at least we had “air conditioning”!) and the driver was manic. Eventually, after one of the most harrowing drives ever we arrived at one of the hotels and upon explaining the situation the guy at the hotel too ownership of the situation and nobody at the hotel could do enough to help us even though the problem was nothing at all to do with the hotel. Not only did we get an upgrade to a suite (with a butler!) but we have been treated like royalty since we have arrived. It was such a relief that the hotel retrieved the situation for us. Incidentally the tour company have not heard the end of this.

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Re: Delhi - Day 1

Post by Grando » 27 Oct 2014, 09:04

I did ask our tour guide if there was a driving test in India, he said "yes, but it is very difficult to fail"!
Good luck. Doreen.

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