Delhi - Day 3

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Delhi - Day 3

Post by david63 » 29 Oct 2014, 04:00

The day started off with an early morning call at 04:30 – deep joy! Our first task was to get to the railway station – not a problem to most but this is India. The drive took about 30 minutes but upon approaching the station there was somewhat of a traffic jam. Now Indian driving logic states that if there are three lanes of traffic and there is some space on the road that you create another lane, so eventually we had five lanes of traffic across the entire road – now the fault in the logic here is that if you block the entire road traffic coming from the other direction cannot get through resulting in even longer delays and more traffic problems. Eventually common sense prevailed and all the traffic started moving again.

We then soon arrived at the station and I can honestly say that Delhi Railway Station at 05:30 in a morning is an experience and thankfully we had someone to guide us. I have never seen a train so long as the ones that are in India – they seem to stretch for miles.

India railways, for all its faults, seems to be far better organised than British Rail – the announcements are clear and understandable, the spacious and comfortable and best of all there is somewhere to put your luggage. Almost as soon as the train had started they were coming round with bottled water, then tea (in “proper” cups with saucers), followed by breakfast – oh and newspapers were also provided.

The train journey to Agra was about two hours and we passed through the countryside, much of which was not dissimilar to being at home. We also passed through several small villages along the way where you could see many of the locals “squatting” alongside the railway line totally oblivious that anyone would see them.

Once we arrived at Agra our representative was waiting to meet us along with a porter to move our luggage. Now for another bit of Indian logic – we have two cases both on wheels so what does the porter do, non-other than puts one of the cases on his head and pulls the other behind him – it seemed a bit pointless asking why!

Half an hour later we were at the hotel.

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