Jaipur - Day 1

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Jaipur - Day 1

Post by david63 » 02 Nov 2014, 12:19

We arrived at Jaipur mid-afternoon and shortly after sorting ourselves out set off on another safari, this time were on an elephant. Now with hindsight this was not the best of ideas as we had been thrown around for three hours in jeep in the morning, then we had a four hour drive before out hour long elephant safari.

In the planning stage for this tour we decided that when in Jaipur we would like to have an elephant ride but were warned off those actually in Jaipur as they are not very were looked after.

Anyway off we set and for some reason best known to the elephant he was not for “playing” as all he wanted to do was his own thing – go in any direction other than that which he was expected to, stop for something eat along the way and otherwise just plod along at his own sedate pace.

The setting for this was quite remarkable as whilst we were going round the evening was starting to close in and at various points along the way there were torches lit when passing a temple and then at a point where you are given a drink. Eventually we arrived back at part of the camp where it was set out for dinner with tables and chairs and an area for pre-dinner drinks. Even though the meal was included in the fare that we had paid we had been warned that it was very spicy and has in the past been responsible for “Delhi belly” so we declined with the excuse of being tired – which actually we were. So it was back off to the hotel – and dinner.

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