Madurai - Day 1

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Madurai - Day 1

Post by david63 » 11 Nov 2014, 17:00

The journey to Madurai was unspectacular as you would expect with two flights – all went well and we were in the hotel by 16:30. Another tiring day doing nothing other than waiting around airports.

This evening however was a different matter – first of all it rained (heavily)!! Then we went to the Sri Meenakshi Temple for the “Going to Bed” ceremony where Brahmin priests take Shiva from his sanctum and parade the image around the temple in a palanquin and after a symbolic washing of his feet he is carried into his wife’s (Meenakshi) sanctum – all in all a fascinating experience, although the cynic in me says that it has now become a “tourist attraction”. Another anomaly with the Indian logic is that cameras are not allowed within the temple but mobile phones are – so you cannot take photos with a camera but you can with a mobile phone!!

Now my new pet annoyance – why do people have to play with their i-pads when they are in a restaurant. OK they have taken some photos during the day but there is a time and place for everything and looking at photos whilst having dinner is, in my opinion, neither the time nor the place – that’s it rant over (for now).

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