Part3 Dark Knight's Caribbean jolly

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Part3 Dark Knight's Caribbean jolly

Post by Dark Knight » 16 Feb 2014, 15:48

Day 6
still getting up far too early, seems that 6.30 is the norm for us, this is probaly due to being at the back oif the boat and waking up when the engines change when slowing down?
today we did a riveboat trip up the river in the rainforest, this tour was part island tour and part boat trip, driving through the islands, you get a very stark reminder of both sides of island life, from the huga paltial house of the rich and famous, to the sight of people living inside 40 ft shipping containers.
The riverboat trip is a riot, 10 people in a row boat with a local guide, this is one for animal lovers and botanists, we saw Egretts, blue carb, humming birds, loads of harbour mullet, and different tropical fish, parrots and a huge array of native flora and fauna, the highlight being the birds, along the river is one of the sets used for pirates of the Caribbean and the cafe at the end, where you can wander off into the rainforest, as well as get a few beers.
After the trip we returned to the boat, where jo was acosted by a lovley local lady to get her hair braided, so for a few dollars Lady D looked like a local
As we had some liquid sunshine in the afternoon, we went off fo afternoon tea and a hour or so reading in the quiet bars
after a snooze and a shower etc we had dinner in the MDR again and shared a great table for 6, the food as usual is good, tasty and a fine choice each night
After dinner, well yiou have guessed it, more cocktails and tonigh for the first time a show !!
tonights show was excerpts from Chicago, Caberet and Les Mis, which was well done and very professional, the theatere was almost full and the waiters kept the drinks flowing, show lasted approx 70 minutes and was packed full of all the well known show tunes, my own personal Les Mis favourite "Master of the House" was very well done
After the show we managed to get a seat in the lounge for the quiz and to see the Peakles again, all washed down with 2 or 3 cocktails

Day 7
St Vincents
We awoke to what can only be described as a monsoon, the rain was so bad that the pool roof was clsoed due to the volume of liquid sunshine dropping from the heavens
I would say that this stop is not one for sight seeing, but a tour island, but as we had no trip booked we got off for a walk around, Saturday was market day and the port was absolutley full of loclas going about the normal Saturday stuff, so we had a walk around the market and up and down the streets to get a bit of local flavour.
After a bit of wandering we ducked into a local cafe, very local as we were the only tourists in there and there I discovered one fo the best drinks in the world, Champagne cola, which is blood red and sweeter than almost any other drink I have ever had, after 2 americam sized drinkls, I had a sugar rush which beggared belief
Anyway we boarded the boat , just in time for the quiz, in which we came 4th, so not a bad effort, lounged on deck for a bit before we went back to the cabin for a snooze before dinner, another good meal in the MDR with good company yet again. Tonight was the baked Alaska parade, which is a chance to see the chefs and the behind the scenes staff who come out carrying , flaming baked alaska, amid much waving of napkins and photo ops, the BA makes it's way around the MDR accompanied by music, very odd
More cocktails in the show lounge and a quick night cap in the piano bar before bed

Day 8
Change over day in Barbados
It is fair to say the port of Barbados is industrial to put it mildly and also it has to be noted that most of Barbados is shut on a Sunday, apart from a huge shopping mall, so we stayed on board and topped up our tan, well we would if it wasn't raining
anywho , today 750 people get off and 750 newbies get on, watched the dock workers loading an huge amount of stuff onto the boat, seeing this gives you a rough idea of how much food and drink is consumed on a 1 week cruise.
Another round of afternoon tea follwed and we retired to the quiet lounge to read and do the odd crossword
Asit is change over day, the ship is busier than normal, with all the cases being lodaed on etc.
MDR for dinner on a table for 2, usual good standard of food with plenty of choice.
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