Melsea's short adventures E304 a Day in Barcelona & more

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Melsea's short adventures E304 a Day in Barcelona & more

Post by melsea » 21 Mar 2013, 12:54

Had a good day in Barcelona. Once I got off and took the shuttle to the World Trade Centre, I then had to walk about 10 mins away to get to the stop I needed for my hop on hop off bus. Had to wait about 10 mins. The day started a little cloudy but soon they went away and the sun came out. I sat up stairs on the bus where it was somewhat windy and I soon realised that I should have taken the sun cream with me as the sun was shining in between the clouds & with the wind blowing I felt my forehead getting a tad warm. The journey to the Parc Guell took around 50 minutes to get there. This is a place I wanted to visit. To reach the Park you had to walk up a little bit of a hill that was a side street. It's clearly on the tourist trail and a must see attraction as there were quite a number of people already vying & jostling for a picture up against the various Gaudi mosaic stone works. I spent about an hour & half, and while there I had something to eat. I then made my way back to the bus stop and there was a bus already waiting which was good. On this bus at the beginning I was given earphones so that I could listen to the commentary of the sights we passed. All very informative. Eventually we reach the end of the line I wanted to get to which was at the top of La Rambles. I spotted there was an Apple store of which I visited and found that because I have used the apple store back home it connected me straight away. I logged onto Facebook and uploaded some photos. Also sent a couple of emails as well. I walked down La Ramblers back towards where the shuttle bus dropped us off this morning. I was back on board at just after 4pm.
In the evening we had a lovely meal and I went to see the second show of the singer Josh Adams who was very good again and sung songs from the greats like Barry White, Lionel Richie, Temptations, The Drifters and Billy Joel. A nice way to end the evening.
One thing I forgot to mention was that on the sea day the 19th there was a Baltic & Ligurian tier lunch. We were sat at a table of six plus an officer, who was the food & beverage mangabey Steve whose second name alludes me. The lunch was held in the Ligurian which is used in the evening for freedom dining. The lunch was superb probably one of the best we have ever had. The champagne and wine flowed & our waiters were very good. Conversation flowed very well too & plenty of jolly laughter too from us all. The Captain came round to the tables and we chatted briefly who incidentally is Simon Terry. Speaking of food in general I think there has been an improvement in all areas. The quality and flavours have been excellent. One thing they have cut down and it's not a bad thing & that is they now serve up just one variety of veg and one variety of potato as the plate comes with more than enough when you consider that there is a starter & soup before the main. Last night OH had for dessert bread & butter pudding of which I had a sample of and boy it was absolutely delicious, certainly better than we have had before. All meats have been very good as well the beef & lamb lovely and tender. The presentation of the food is excellent as well. So the food is good.
Next Port is Cannes

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Re: Melsea's short adventures E304 a Day in Barcelona & more

Post by oldbluefox » 21 Mar 2013, 21:16

Pleased you enjoyed Parc Guell. We went there last year, not really knowing too much about it and it was well worth the journey (in our case by Metro). There is so much to see there and the whole park is quite entrancing.
Did you go into the market half way down La Ramblas - another must do in Barcelona?
The food sounds lovely. Hope you enjoy Cannes.

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