Changes to P&O Drinks Packages

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Changes to P&O Drinks Packages

Post by fivewombles »

We have just booked for a family of six with three cabins. Half of us don't drink due to age, health and lifestyle - and as 'luck' would have it - in each room is a non drinker.

To book a drinks package both in the cabin have to have the same drinks package which seems unfair/ ridiculous.

For the one who's 15yrs it's obvious, for someone with IBS apparently that's not bad enough and for someone who's grown up with alcoholics, the person doesn't have medical or religious proof that they won't drink.

After paying for the cruise and wanting to save 20% to book the packages now, I can't book any packages or book ahead.

Part of my health issue is anxiety - and I booked a cruise to take away anxiety - and yet I'm now super anxious about this! I know that my husband will comment daily now on this costing more and missing out on the discount through no fault of my own.

Anyone else have this issue and any solutions to a drinks policy that seems to discriminate?

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Re: Changes to P&O Drinks Packages

Post by barney »

We’ve never taken a drink package.
We just pay as we go.
We have whatever we want, when we want it and have never had a scary bill at the end.
Having said that, we are not daytime drinkers and I think that the package favours these.
In the Canaries in January on Azura, the group of people in front of us on the deck must have put away at least ten beers each during an afternoon.
If you drink like that, then the package will be good value.
P&O drink prices are actually pretty reasonable.
Actually cheaper than my local pubs in Instow.
Please don’t stress about it.
The point of a holiday is to enjoy it.
Have a great holiday.

Edit - it’s not only P&O who have this policy on their drinks passage.
My SiL returned yesterday from Princess and it was the same.
They both took it but then they do pack it away.😂
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Re: Changes to P&O Drinks Packages

Post by Manoverboard »

fivewombles wrote: 19 Jul 2023, 21:06

... I know that my husband will comment daily now on this costing more and missing out on the discount through no fault of my own ...
Such procedures are in place to prevent pax getting drinks at prices they are not entitled to.

My advice would be to tell your husband to book the cruise next time, thus avoiding any ' blame ' to your good self.

ps .... hello and welcome ;)
Keep smiling, it's good for your well being

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Re: Changes to P&O Drinks Packages

Post by Stephen »

Welcome to the forum fivewombles :wave:

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Re: Changes to P&O Drinks Packages

Post by david63 »

Many experienced P&O cruisers do not find that the drinks package is good value for money bearing in mind that on port days you will probably be off the ship for some part of the day and therefore not able to take advantage of the package.

A lot depends on the individual's drinking habits as to whether the package is value or not, but there are not many that I know who will get through 15 alcoholic drinks a day.

The requirement for all passengers in the cabin to take the drinks package has always been there and is nothing new.

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Re: Changes to P&O Drinks Packages

Post by Mervyn and Trish »

I would add to David's last paragraph, the reason for all passengers in the cabin having to take the package is to prevent one person buying it and then using it to get drinks for their travel mate.

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